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  • Cyphonautes — Cyph o*nau tes (s?f ? n? t?z), n. [NL., fr. Gr. ??? bent + ???? sailor.] (Zo[ o]l.) The free swimming, bivalve larva of certain Bryozoa. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • cyphonautes — cy·pho·nau·tes …   English syllables

  • Bryozoa — Temporal range: Upper Cambrian–Recent[1] …   Wikipedia

  • Membranipora — M. membranacea Scientific classification …   Wikipedia

  • moss animal — bryozoan. [1880 85] * * * ▪ invertebrate Introduction also called  bryozoan,         any member of the phylum Bryozoa (also called Polyzoa or Ectoprocta), in which there are about 5,000 extant species. Another 15,000 species are known only from… …   Universalium

  • Walter Garstang — (February 9, 1868 February 23, 1949), a Fellow of Lincoln College, Oxford, was a marine biologist and zoologist who was one of the first to study the functional biology of marine invertebrate larvae. His best known works on marine larvae were his …   Wikipedia

  • Lophotrochozoa — Lophotrochozoen Nautilus Systematik Reich: Tiere (Animalia) Unterreich …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Lophotrochozoen — Nautilus Systematik Reich: Tiere (Animalia) Unterreich: Vielzellige Tiere (Metazoa) Abteilung …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Trochozoa — Lophotrochozoen Nautilus Systematik Reich: Tiere (Animalia) Unterreich …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Moostierchen — Moos|tier|chen 〈n. 14; Zool.〉 Angehöriges einer Klasse der Tentakeltiere, mikroskopisch kleiner, festsitzender Wasserbewohner, bildet fast ausschließlich pflanzenähnliche Kolonien, die Steine, Stängel usw. im Wasser moosartig überziehen: Bryozoa; …   Universal-Lexikon

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